April 13, 2016 
By: Joe Aubrey

Criminal Justice majors: The People vs OJ Simpson
Learn all about one of the most corrupted court cases in history. You’ll see how the court used real evidence to prove OJ’s guilt, and how the opposing team tried to fight against it. In the end, you decide if justice was truly served on that one famous day years ago.

Philosophy Majors: Twin Peaks
From solving a murder mystery based on possible implications from abnormal dreams, to listening to important advice from a strange woman that cradles a log everywhere she goes, David Lynch’s classic 90’s TV series will have you glued from the start.

Computer Science majors: Mr. Robot
Want to learn about the world of tech hacking? This recent critically acclaimed series will teach you that no computer or business enterprise is unhackable. It can actually be kind of frightening if you think about it.

Art majors: Face Off
Learn and become inspired by a group of amateur make-up artists as they compete to become the next big movie monster make-up artists. Much inspiration lies in the unique creature ideas that the aspiring artists manage to create. Also be on the look out for famous award-winning make-up artists that appear as the judges.

Theatre majors: any “Got Talent” show
From famous figures like Susan Boyle, Lindsey Stirling to even more, many nationalities of this talent show have presented ton of people with nuances of abilities that range from singing, to acrobatics, to even magic tricks. Some might just completely blow your mind away.

English majors: Gravity Falls
In this quirky Disney cartoon (possibly their best in years), two twins stumble upon a book written by an unknown author that describes the many strange, mystical creatures that inhabit the town that they are forced to spend the summer at. The deranged book in this series inserts everything from ancient mythology to even 60s’ cartoon parodies.

Science majors: Breaking Bad
This highly popular TV series still proves you don’t need a lot of money to create a corrupted underground drug ring. All you need is the knowledge to create the drug in particular. Vince Gilligan’s epic TV series holds up thanks to nail-biting writing and a strong understanding of chemistry.

Biology majors: The X-Files
Watch as the skeptical, but intelligent agent/doctor Dana Scully examines the bodies of unknown specimens and tries to use real science to deduct what is truly legitimate and what is actually inexplicable. How she ended up with a superstitious believer like Fox Mulder is bewildering, but also intriguing.

Music majors: Glee
Although a bit over-the-top, silly and somewhat self-indulgent, this musical TV series (the first of it’s kind) benefits from it’s energetically talented cast as they perform catchy renditions of famous songs from classic Broadway shows to even popular bands like Journey, Queen, Lady Gaga, to many more.

Business majors: Silicon Valley
From Mike Judge, the man behind Office Space and Beavis and Butthead, comes this hilarious and well-written account of what working for a big tech business is truly like. From greedy bosses attempting to steal another employee’s unique creation, to solving problems to fix a small enterprise, this series can teach any business major how to handle these problems on their own and make it through some of these intense situations.

Contributor’s Note: Joe Aubrey will be graduating SSU with a degree in Art and a minor in Theatre this May.