Enduring February


What is it about the shortest month of the year that makes it feel like the longest?  Our Loverly Red Skies staffers are here to help.

  1. Checkout the Darwin Festival schedule and attend a presentation or three.
  2. Buy tickets for the Winter Ball — February 18th — Boston Marriot in Peabody.
  3. Visit the Winfisky Gallery if you worry a lot – and reread our article on S.A.D
  4. Find Salem State’s ice sculpture downtown while enjoying chocolate and wine at the City’s Oh, So Sweet Festival from February 10th to the 12th.
  5. Start preparing for meetings with your academic advisor.
  6. Note the Careers in English Panel (2/28) and the Career Fair (3/2) on your calendar.
  7. Keep yourself informed and speak out — buy a newspaper!
  8. Make a homemade Valentine for your mom, dad, sibling, your partner, your roomies.
  9. Send a candygram.
  11. Get involved with social issues on Advocacy Day (2/27)
  12. Get a snack at the new Berry Library vending machine while you’re studying.
  13. Come to a Red Skies Meeting — Mondays at noon Meier Hall 320!
  14. Spread the love.

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