Marsh Hall

By:  Megan Grossi

Housing selection is this week and if you submitted a housing deposit then it’s time to perk up your ears. Or those who submitted their deposits on time, by March 1st, you will go through selection on your appropriate days. For those who did not, make sure to iron out your situation with Res Life to insure that you’ll have housing next year. If you plan on living in gender-inclusive housing and you ALL did not submit your deposits on time, then go to Res Life right away. Their office can be found in Atlantic Hall. Walk straight down and on the side of the parking lot there will be a door leading to the office.

Res Life is doing things a little differently this year. In the past students have been given lottery numbers and chosen where they want to live online. If you wanted to live in a suit but had no roommates, filling the room was a complicated process that look longer. This year, to lessen complications for students and proactively reduce roommate disagreements, students living in apartment-style suits, like Viking, Atlantic, or Bates, will be registering first on April 11th. On the 12th, juniors and senior will be picking their housing, on the 13th sophomores will register and the 14th will finally be the freshmen’s turn. Freshmen can pick from Peabody, Bowditch, or Marsh for housing, and sophomores can pick from Marsh or Viking. Juniors and seniors are not allowed to dorm with sophomores or freshmen, unless there are specific circumstances. If you have such a case, you will have to go to the Res Life office and speak with Zach Gholston – you should email him first, ASAP, as a lot of students have been coming forward with special requests like this.

Keep in mind that you are registering as the year you will be in the fall – so freshmen, you will register on the day of sophomores, sophomores will register on the day of juniors, and so on. For this reason is it very important that you are aware of your credits! You may be entering your second year of college, but if you do not have enough credits to be considered a sophomore, junior, or senior, then you will have to register a day later. This is why there is a designated day for freshmen selection – if you have not completed the appropriate amount of credits to move up in your class then you will still, in the eyes of the school, be considered a freshman. Make sure to double check your credits and find roommates if you can before next week. If you have any confusions about what to do for housing selection, ask your RD or ARD as soon as possible! With the deadline right around the corner, you don’t want to be caught unawares.