September Red SkiesBy:  Your Survival Experts at Red Skies

  1. Go downtown & explore before October — you can walk there in 20 minutes on Lafayette Street.
  2. Find a good planner app on your phone, and put in your assignment due dates.
  3. Figure out the parking and discover where buildings are on campus.
  4. Take a walk on the bike trail, it is fall in New England.
  5. Discover the Peabody Essex Museum, it is free to all SSU students — bring your Clipper Card.
  6. Find a group, cause, club and join.
  7. Come to a Red Skies meeting, Mondays at 12:00 — we’d love to see you!
  8. Meet your new president John Keenan.
  9. Go apple picking — have some apple pie.
  10. Enjoy each and every day.