By Jess Goode

Being a freshman here at Salem State, I have heard a lot of stories about the City of Salem in October! A staff member from ResLife who has been attending Salem State for a few years, told me what downtown, as well as what the freshman residence halls are like in October. He said, “with all that happens here getting ready for Halloween, which is what Salem is most known for, can be exciting, fun, and chaotic all at once.”

Downtown Salem has a great number of events that started September 22nd, that go through to Halloween, every weekend, known as Haunted Happenings.” These events include free concerts, ghost walks, special menus in the City’s restaurants and the kickoff Parade is Thursday October 5th beginning in downtown at 6:00!

The important rules to make sure to follow for the month of October in the dorms include; bringing only sealed drinks from outside into the residence halls, not wearing any masks or a lot of face paint in the residence halls, and there is only one guest allowed per person to sleep over from October 16th to November 1st, and there are bag checks as well, and students should not carry anything that might resemble any type of weapon at all times.

The bottom line is to stay safe, and have fun! I can’t wait!