Salem Common

  • By Your Loving All Things Pumpkin Flavored Red Skies Staffers
  • Drink Pumpkin spiced lattes.
  • Fall sweaters – yay!
    Apple cinnamon candles are back, as are fall wreaths and carved pumpkins.
  • Enjoy the apple pie from Dunks, & the pumpkin scones from Starbucks.
    Put up some decorations in the dorms (check out CVS).
    Break out the boots, scarves & leggings.
    Dress in layers – it might be 45 for your 8:00 but then by your 12:15 class it’s over 60.
    Get yourself into downtown Salem.
    Watch the leaves change & fall.
    Go for a walk, before the snow starts!
    Watch some Halloween movies………”Hocus Pocus” was filmed in Salem – see how many places you recognize.