By:  Those Ever Grateful & Thankful Red Skies Staffers

Drop off bins for donated food are located in a number of key locations — let’s fill ’em up.

Thank a veteran – most likely they are sitting next to you in class.

At home, help with the Thanksgiving meal.

Help with all those dishes.

Is there someone in your neighborhood who needs a place to have Thanksgiving or someone in the dorm/a fellow student who needs a place to go?  If yes, invite them to your place.

Watch the parade.

Spend quality time with your pets and younger brothers and sisters

No talking about politics at the Thanksgiving meal.  Not even the slightest of mentions.

If there are holiday movies on TV – watch them with your bothers and sisters and pets.

Catch up on school projects and papers.

Get out those winter boots & coats – that hoodie isn’t going to cut it!

Register for classes if you haven’t done so!

Take a walk before it’s too cold……enjoy these final days of our New England fall.

Be thankful for all we have….you’re in college…think about all those who would love to have the privileges and opportunities we enjoy.