Why I'm Right redoneBy:  Rachel Spencer ’19

OK…tomorrow night (December 19th) is the next Democratic Debate.  I think it’s safer for me to watch a Hallmark movie.

In fourth grade, I remember my best friend and I stopped talking for weeks because we were defending different sides of the upcoming 2008 presidential debate. My family leans toward the Republican viewpoint whereas hers was more Democratic. I argued what I knew and read about and what I had heard at home; she did the same. We aren’t friends anymore and the end of our relationship started because of a presidential debate when I was 10.

I have overheard and listened to many people try to discuss politics, whether they were talking about the legalization of marijuana, driving and using their phone, President Trump, taxes, immigration laws, tariffs, and every time it has ended poorly, even when people were arguing the same point and in agreement, such as agreeing that marijuana should be legal, but what they don’t agree on is the fact that they don’t want the pot shop in their town, or that people should come into the country legally but they should get out of their torturous home countries as fast as possible.

It’s as if people want to argue just to argue. There is no listening in politics, only explaining why your thoughts are right and theirs are wrong.

My parents now have a rule with their friends that they don’t talk politics. In the past, they have attempted to discuss issues and policies that they did not agree on and then they did not talk to one another for weeks on end, only to apologize and have the same argument a month later.

I took a class on politics thinking it might make me more interested, but it has just pushed me to believe that no one will ever agree on anything in politics. There is no right answer to who should be our allies. There is some proof, though who knows if it’s fake news, that other countries governments interfered in our elections. What even is fake news? It is hard to decide what is fact and what is fiction?

What I am interested in is whether or not there will there be jobs for me when I graduate? Is the economy going downhill? Why is it failing? What is going to happen to my generation and those after me when the world takes a turn for the worse because no one will fight on the same side? There seems to be a lack of compromise; every situation ends with both sides, and a lot of people, upset, and everyone continuing to talk over everyone else.

Political ideologies is mostly about debates, and arguing why your thoughts and ideas are better than someone else’s,  and therefore  you should vote for this instead of that. These debates are necessary to deciding who should be in office and who is the right candidate for each position. However, the fighting should end, and discussion continue. Instead of arguing so forcefully about your own opinion, people should listen to what others have to say even if it doesn’t coincide with your own ideas. Those who do not normally listen, may find that someone they hadn’t considered before to have a really good idea that should be implemented.

I do not like to lose friendships over politics. I do not enjoy watching fights break out at the dinner table, or in a classroom, or in Marsh Dining Hall over things that can be discussed civilly. I do not want to watch the news and see all the horrible things being said about each candidate’s past and how they (either the candidate or the accuser) may be lying or not. I think the only thing that matters is what they plan to do with our futures.

This is why I avoid politics and the arguments that ensue.