Register to Vote

By:  Nakia Johnson ’22

With the Primaries well on their way, now is the most crucial time to make sure the youth vote is a part of this upcoming election. MassPIRG has been aiding students to register to vote at SSU for the past two weeks, and we were able to have 150 students register with us.

We spoke to over 300 people on campus about voting engagement and we’re excited to see the passion and involvement here at Salem State. Student involvement on campus is key to having our generation represented in the political process, especially in the upcoming election this November. That’s why from March 2nd through the 3rd MassPIRG are holding tables across campus to get students to pledge to vote for the Super Tuesday Primaries.

Across campus on Tuesday, from 1:30-4:30, tables will be held outside as we speak and pledge with students who are partaking in the voting process.  Take time to make sure the students’ voice at Salem State University can be heard!