Red Skies Magazine

The online literary magazine of Salem State University.

Staff Bios

Susannah Geary
Staff Writer Susannah Geary
is an English Major and Spanish Minor. Susannah is graduating in the winter of ’18. She  has a Creative Writing concentration and loves to write creative nonfiction. She plans to pursue a career in comedy writing



Jess Goode.docx

Staff Writer Jess Goode
’21, grew up in Leominster and Cambridge, Mass, and graduated from Lunenburg High School last spring.  She is excited to start her adventures in Salem! You can find her taking pictures of everything, singing in a practice room at Bertolon, and on Pinterest pinning things all the time. Her main interests are in music, writing, nature, and photography. She is leaning towards being an English Major, and a Music Minor.
Jennifer Hendricks

Staff Writer Jennifer Hendricks ’18,
 is  an English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Educational Studies, aspires to be an educator to students both in the States as well as abroad.  Her passions include poetry, drawing, and drinking coffee.


Kara Harper
Staff Writer Kara Harper ’18,  is studying a double major in Philosophy and English. Before coming to Salem State she worked as a staff writer for her school’s newspaper, the Quincy College Voice. Following graduation she plans to continue her education, studying towards a Masters in English.”





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