Red Skies Magazine

The online literary magazine of Salem State University.

Staff Bios

Editor-in-Chief and Senior Writer, Megan Grossi ’18
is an English major with minors in Theatre and American Studies. Her hobbies include reading, cycling, coloring, and writing essays for class all day every day. She appreciates good vocabulary and cool socks, a favorite pair of her own depicting otters holding hands so that they don’t float away from each other while they sleep. She is not from Ohio, nor is she a potato farmer, no matter what people say, and has self-published a book of her own poetry. Megan wants to go into publication as an editor one day because over the summer, while reading a book about dinosaurs that shall remain nameless, she was appalled by the amount of spelling and grammatical errors and decided that she could do better.

Jessica Walters
Senior Writer Jessica Walters
will be graduating in December of 2017.  She is majoring in English- Professional Writing and Minoring in Spanish. After graduation, she hopes to dive into the publishing world and continue on to graduate school.


Jess Goode.docx

Staff Writer Jess Goode
’21, grew up in Leominster and Cambridge, Mass, and graduated from Lunenburg High School last spring.  She is excited to start her adventures in Salem! You can find her taking pictures of everything, singing in a practice room at Bertolon, and on Pinterest pinning things all the time. Her main interests are in music, writing, nature, and photography. She is leaning towards being an English Major, and a Music Minor.

Jennifer Hendricks

Staff Writer Jennifer Hendricks ’18,
 is  an English Major with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Educational Studies, aspires to be an educator to students both in the States as well as abroad.  Her passions include poetry, drawing, and drinking coffee.



Tabitha Torres

Staff WriterTabitha Torres
is a senior majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Public Relations.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time in nature and scrolling through kitten pictures on Instagram.





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