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Surviving December

By:  Those Very Merry Red Skies Staffers Buy a shovel & winterize your car. Get a scraper. Find a good study spot. (Close down Facebook for 2 weeks.) Make a … Continue reading

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The Pregnant College Student

By: Cate Chevnov Approximately 4.8 million undergraduate students attending college are raising children. When I began college in the fall of 2007, I never thought I’d be receiving that diploma … Continue reading

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Don’t get SAD — Get Glad!

By:  Megan Grossi Daylight Savings Time has officially ended, which means our nights are going to be longer and days shorter.  December has us getting colder and darker every day, … Continue reading

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My Sister

By:  Zachery Cotto Reflection:  I was hesitant to even write this piece, let alone read it to a room full of my peers and professors. Creative nonfiction is always a … Continue reading

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Are Winter Session Courses for You?

By: Samantha Lombardi Many students here at SSU are finding ways to earn credits more quickly. The ultimate goal of graduation keeps many students focused on their credit count of … Continue reading

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Vivitrol: A Shot of Hope

By:  Cate Chevnov The opiate epidemic is all too real and close to home. Essex County ranks number two in Massachusetts in overdose deaths between 2000 and 2015. Since 2012, … Continue reading

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The Art of Doubt

By Christine Johnson She was gazing up at the sky, a cigarette between her teeth, watching as the smoke drifted aimlessly off into the night sky. With half lidded eyes … Continue reading

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